Monday, 22 May 2006


There was a time when certain things could be relied upon: the constants and keystones of our culture. But the reassuring status quo by which we measured the order (or disorder) of society went to the wall long ago. And yet, even when one thinks that we must have surely experienced every conceivable change in the way of “life as we knew it, Jim”, a new and unexpected outrage occurs!

Waiting on an underground platform for a late-running tube, I was passing the time by looking at the goods on offer from the (as usual) not-working, money-stealing, sweet-vending machine when I suddenly reeled back in disbelief at the shocking announcement that it was possible to purchase a strange alien, hybrid entity of a chocolate bar calling itself ‘Cadbury Dairy Milk with Crème Egg’!

So, the world has finally gone mad! As if white Maltesers and Cappuccino KitKat weren’t distressing enough, someone has now taken two legendary - even iconic - sweets and genetically engineered a Frankenstein novelty: the world’s first flat, oblong egg! Whatever next? The ‘Jelly Babies on Mars’ bar?


Maxine said...

I gave up the first time I saw a blue Smartie!

BTW, do they still make the "Fry's chocolate cream" of my young days? They were my favourite-- minty chocolate in a dark blue wrapping. Crunchies came a close second, followed by Cadbury's fruit&nut. Those were the days, when you could eat all that and still be a beanpole...and with all your teeth, too.

Brian Sibley said...

Ah, those were the days! Teeth... I remember them...