Saturday, 2 December 2006


my friend, partner and favourite man of magic

David will be spending most of his birthday entertaining at Other People’s birthday parties, but hopefully we’ll find time for him to have a little celebration of his own.

For those who’ve not seen David at work here are a few images of him in some of his various performing personas: wizard, pirate, balloon-modelling gardener (at the premiere of The Curse of the Were-Rabbit) and as a scary Lemony-Snicket-Count-Olaf character…

And here he is as himself…

In case you’ve not seen it, there’s a great little film of Kylie Minogue’s personal appearance at Waterstone’s Oxford Street Bookshop in October to launch her book, The Showgirl Princess.

Following several minutes of footage of Kylie meeting her young fans (which, in itself, is charming and shows her for the star that she is) you’ll see Mr Weeks perform a little piece of pure magic for Ms Minogue that leaves her ecstatic with delight! Enjoy!



David Weeks said...

Thank you,
very much indeed.
I know I've arrived when I get a Blog from the erudite pen of Mr Sibley!


Brian Sibley said...

Flattery will get you --- NOWHERE!! ;-)

Suzanne said...

Thanks, I enjoyed that! I was half expecting to see Gary & Tony from Men Behaving Badly drooling & fooling around in the background!
Happy birthday, David!

Scrooge said...

I don't know whether I'm the first on but at this time in the morning I should be ! I'd like to wish the magician a happy birthday. When visiting the many worlds you pass through in a writers lifetime, its essential to come back to somewhere and someone who can keep your feet on the floor with continuous devotion and support.Anyone can see that you have that with David. You're a lucky man ! I hope you both have a great day.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Happy Birthday to David !! Birthday's mean cake and cake is good !! :)

Phil said...

Many Happy Returns, David!

Jamie Badminton said...

A few hours late, but Happy Birthday David! Hope you had a wonderful day indeed : )

Diva of Deception said...

Hey David!

Happy Birthday! Sorry it's a day late - hope it was a good one.

See you tomorrow? You'll enjoy Kevin's lecture I'm sure; more your sort of thing than mine I reckon.