Thursday 28 October 2010


Having recently posted some of my photographs of Sydney Opera House, I thought I'd share a few of my studies of Sydney's other landmark – the Sydney Harbour Bridge...

Bridge (3)
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The bridge was designed and built by British companies from Middlesborough and Darlington and was opened in 1932. It is the world's widest long-span bridge, the tallest steel arch bridge, measuring 440 feet from top to water level, and the fifth-longest spanning-arch bridge in the world. It is locally nicknamed 'The Coat Hanger'!

I attempted to photograph the bridge from various angles and in various lights in order to try and capture both its huge size and its graceful elegance...

Span (4)

Span (2)

Span (5)

Reflected Bridge (3)


Span (1)

Bridge (6)

Bridge (5)
I photographed the Opera House from beneath the bridge...

SOH & Bridge (2)
And I photographed the bridge reflected in – and seen through – windows of the Opera House...

Reflected Bridge (2)

And here are the bridge and the Opera House as seen from the perspective of a giraffe in Sydney Zoo...

Giraffe (2)

You can find more of my Oz-shots in my flickr album, Sensational Sydney.

Sydney Harbour (1)

Images: © Brian Sibley 2001/2010


Steven Hartley said...

This looks like a BEAUTIFUL place you went to - I ought to go there one day!

alex milway said...

again, these pictures would have been so helpful to me! They're terrific, and of some really unusual angles. My army of mermen and sea monsters sorely lacked your points of view

SharonM said...

Sensational photos!

Brian Sibley said...

Steven – Yes, it absolutely is!

Alex – Sorry! You really need to give me advance warning of your research needs! ;)

Sharon – Thanks, Ma'am! Much obliged!