Saturday 29 October 2011


As if you hadn't read enough about my recent radio dramatisations, The History of Titus Groan, based on the novels of Mervyn Peake, here I am mentioning it again, although only because those nice people at BBC Radio4Extra are repeating it in two three-hour chunks today and tomorrow as part of a pre-Halloween Gothic weekend.

I would argue that Peake isn't really Gothic, but I am, nevertheless, intrigued to know how it plays at length and with an overnight pause half-way through the second book...

Anyway, here's the schedule of broadcasts...

The first episode is preceded (at 19:30 tonight) by the superb documentary, 100 Years of Mervyn Peake, presented by Sebastian Peake with contributions from his siblings, Fabian and Clare as well as the wonderful Joanna Harris and myself.

If you're looking for Radio4Extra (formerly known as Radio 7), this is where you can find it:
Frequency DAB: 12B / Freeview: 708 / Freesat: 708 / Sky: 0131 / Virgin Media: 910 / TalkTalk TV: 633 / UPC Ireland: 929


Sheila said...

We enjoyed hearing it in two large chunks.

And we enjoyed the Sibley input during the intervals too.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be good if, as well as repeating Titus, the Beeb commissioned a new Mr Pye? Poor dear Mervyn has become such an icon of woe that we're in danger of forgetting the sunnier side of his imagination. I can't be the only person whom MP has made daydream of settling in Sark myself, so joyously does he paint it.