Wednesday 30 August 2017


What a day! We turned up at Lambeth's temporary Register Office this morning intending to give notice that we we wanted to 'convert' our decade-old 'Civil Partnership' status to 'Marriage' only to find that it was not a future event, but one that happened right there and then!

So, dressed somewhat casually for Our Big Day (as you can see!) we did the deed and – a tad sooner than we'd quite expected – were duly 'converted'!

By a very happy happenstance the Registrar was the same woman who officiated at our Civil Partnership ceremony back in 2007!

Then arriving home – still trying out the sound of "husband" in relation to one another – we bumped into our local vicar (we live next door to a church, you know) who, on hearing the news, instantly laid on an extempore Wedding Breakfast for us in the vicarage –– Gin & Tonics served with hot sausage rolls and tomato sauce dip!!

You know, sometimes, Life just seems to plan itself!


Servetus said...

Mazel tov! Good that you didn't have to stress over a dress :) Best wishes.

Michael G. said...

And now your just an old married couple, arguing over who said what on your first date, where are my pills, and do you still love me!

Brian Sibley said...

No change there, then!

Val said...

I'm not sure quite why but this post just made my day!
I now have a wide smile on my face ..Thank you for sharing... I especially love the Wedding breakfast.
Congratulations to you both from a bit to the left and a bit higher up the Globexx

Brian Sibley said...

Thank you, Val – as always, lovely to hear from you.


Suzanne said...

félicitations to you both!
So nice to hear some positive news these days!
Many more happy years ahead!

John Vernon Lord said...

Hey I have just noticed this. What a wonderful photograph of you both and many congratulations. Love John V L