Monday 21 May 2007


After recent watery warnings on this blogspot, I thought it was time to splash out and share with you some extraordinary liquid images by a hugely talented photographer.

Cafrine was for some while a regular comment-contributor to these pages and had her own delightfully diverting blog, the late, lamented Wonky Comma.

More recently, Cafrine started Muddled but almost immediately got seduced away by the joys of flickr which provided a fitting showcase for her astonishing experiments with macro photography!

Cafrine has developed a particular knack for capturing amazing shots of water falling and splashing, of which these images are - as you might say - just a drop in the bucket!

Click on images to enlarge

Enjoy more of Cafrine’s fantastic images in her flickr albums, Water, Rainbow, Drop and others.


Anonymous said...

Aw, Brian, you're so good to me. Thankyou!

Brian Sibley said...

Not at all! You deserve it! Even if you have all but deserted us!! ;-)

Boris Hiestand said...

gorgeous images- really good stuff..

Bela said...

These are absolutely stunning!

Anne said...

Coooool! :)

Unknown said...

Blimey - these are amazing photos. Dazzling colours and I love trying to work out what's in the reflections.