Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I've always wanted to live by the sea and for the last four years - for a few weeks at least - I've been able to do that.

Despite my love of the seaside I'm a self-conscious bather and, here on Kalymnos, tend to go in the sea before others are around to see me immersing my lumbering bulk!

But I am also a shocking voyeur of other - less inhibited - souls who besport themselves on the beach or can't wait to be in the swim, as will be seen from the following selection of archive shots, which concludes with the iridescent Irene, the acrobatic Themelis and the divine David who also took the first of these snaps...

Images: Brian Sibley & David Weeks © 2006-8


Elliot Cowan said...

That stout woman and her duck is just about the best photograph I've ever seen.

Rena Fan said...

A great photo, indeed!