Saturday 27 March 2010


Since becoming the leader of the most powerful nation on earth and winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Barack Obama, had decided to apply his gifts to more modest endeavours...

Obama Air Freshener 1
And here he is doing it...

Obama Air Freshener 2
And here are the warnings, including: "Review State laws before hanging from rear view mirror"! A reminder of bad ol' days in the South, perhaps...?

Obama Air Freshener 3 (The Warnings)
There was story when Barack was running for President that Michelle Obama had told Glamor magazine that her husband snored and had B.O. Let's hope that the good people of China sent a few free sample of the Obama Air Freshener to the White House!

Our thanks to Polkadots & Moonbeams for bringing us back this excellent souvenir from Washington, home of republican democracy!

Images © Brian Sibley, uploaded via my flickr Photostream.


Good Dog said...

Seeing the package warning begins with "Directions to avoid staining" I would expect a Bill Clinton figure inside.

Brian Sibley said...

I'm sure there'll one in the series - probably specially formulated for neutralising cigar smoke!

Chuck Munson said...

Oh my! "Review State laws before hanging from rear view mirror" - that *could* be taken two (or more) ways! Not to take away from your witty "ouch" comment regarding the rear view mirror, but the truth is infinitely more mundane. The driving regulations in the US are mandated and enforced by the states. (For example, since I live in Virginia, my driver's license is issued by Virginia; if I were to move back to my home state of New Jersey, I would have to obtain a New Jersey license.) Most of the regulations are the same or similar from state to state, however there are peculiarities and the amount of windshield that can or cannot be obstructed by some trinket hanging from one's rear view mirror might very well be one!