Wednesday 29 February 2012


Although less frequently visited than this blog and with but six followers, my Ex Libris has evidently caught somebody's eye because it has just received a nomination for the Most Fascinating Blog of 2012 Award. 
It was this posting about P L Travers and Mary Poppins that won me a place on the list of 93 nominations chosen by librarians from a pool of over 2,300 submissions!

Having been nominated, it is now up to the voters to decide which of those 100 blogs is the MOST Fascinating – which includes, of course, my beloved blog readers!

I'd love you to read my post and - supposing you find it even the teensyist bit fascinating – consider casting your vote on behalf of the Practically Perfect Miss Poppins, her creator and this hopeful old blogger!

UPDATE: Voting is now closed for this award.

Let me express my gratitude to all my readers who voted for this blog in the recent Most Fascinating Blog awards.

Although it didn't win, my nominated posting earned Ex Libris 10th place out of the 93 blogs that were in the running for the award.

So many thanks to all those readers who voted.


SharonM said...

It looks like you can only vote once - which is very fair!

Hope you win.

scb said...

I discovered the link in your sidebar and voted yesterday before you'd even posted this!

I think your post title today should get an award of its own. Absobloominglutely.

Elena said...

Good Luck! :-)