Tuesday, 28 August 2012


A few years back, my good friend (and frequent comment-leaver on this blog) Sharon Mail put together a great tribute to the late Ian Richardson full of recollections and reflections by friends and colleagues.

We Could Possibly Comment is a delightful remembrance of a wonderful actor and is now available in a revised edition on Kindle at a mere snip for £4.62.

After 15 years with the Royal Shakespeare Company, where Ian was recognised as one of the truly great classical actors of his day, he began a multifaceted career in television: starring in dramas such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Porterhouse Blue, Private Schulz, Gormenghast and playing, to great acclaim, both Sherlock Holmes and (in Murder Rooms) the man credited with being the inspiration for Conan Doyle's character, Dr Joseph Bell.

This book paints a portrait not only of an actor hugely admired and respected as a consummate, highly gifted performer, but also of a generous-hearted man, who was deeply loved and revered by those who worked with him and followed his career during which he left his mark indelibly stamped on so many roles, including the unforgettably monstrous Francis Urquhart in House of Cards...

Numbered among the book's contributors are Sirs Ian McKellen and Peter Hall, Dames Judi Dench and Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart, John Sessions, Stacy Keach, Joanne Woodward, Brian Blessed and many other actors, writers, producers and directors with whom Richardson worked in his prolific career that ranged from the greatest roles written by the Bard to musical performances as Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady and as the Padre alongside Peter O'Toole and Sophia Loren (and, here, between Julie Gregg and Rosalie Crutchley) in the film of Man of La Mancha...

(Apologies if you've seen that clip before on my blog, but it always makes me laugh!)

There is even a contribution from Yours Truly, remembering the only occasion on which I worked with this wonderfully talented performer on what was one of the last jobs before his death: a radio reading of my book, Shadowlands.

In addition to the Kindle edition, there is also a Google eBook.


SharonM said...

I have to say - it's a terrific blog as usual, Brian.
And of course, not only did you contribute your own special memory of working with Ian, you also edited the book.
Many thanks. xxx

Sheila said...

Ian Richardson was such a strong presence in whatever he did. That scene from House of Cards is brilliant (as is the rest of the series): it's good to see two fine actors who can produce shivers just by subtle changes of facial expression. And Private Schultz has always been a favourite.

Thanks for the recommendation: it looks as though my Kindle will be carrying some enjoyable holiday reading!

SharonM said...

Thanks, Sheila. I hope that you, Roger, Buttons Hippo and Hippolyta have a lovely holiday. Wish I was going too - it has been really miserable here and I think a duet by Brian and Roger and some of David's Greek dancing would be a wonderful tonic.

SharonM said...

ps The character recognition security system for leaving comments is an absolute bloody nightmare to read!

Eudora said...

What an actor... The "padre" reverend Pero Perez, is one of the best friends of don Quijote, he represents the wisdom, the pity, ... I always enjoy that video!