Saturday, 16 November 2013


Browsing through an old diary from 1971, I came across a piece of doggerel I wrote in the style of Ogden Nash...

The Second Mrs Tanqueray
Once Bitten, Bite Back

The second Mrs Tanqueray
Indulged in hanky-panqueray;
Without so much as thanqueray,
She took from Mr Tanqueray
The money in his banqueray,
Then turned to drink and dranqueray,
While Mr T's hopes sanqueray.
His form grown lean and lanqueray
(Within his breast a canqueray),
He bought a knife and sanqueray
The blade in Mrs Tanqueray,
Which – to speak quite franqueray –
Stopped her hanky-panqueray
But hanged poor Mr Tanqueray. 


SharonM said...

Well wroteray!

Boll Weavil said...

I wonder if the dry gin had anything to do with the work !