Monday, 30 December 2013


More remarkable (some might say unbelievable) footwear from the streets of Venezia, courtesy of the eagle-eyed David Weeks.

Most of these items have been thoughtfully designed for the embellishment –or do I mean torture? – of the female of the species, but the first pair is especially bizarre: a formal pair of gent's shoes with just the ONE gold toe-cap!! 


Suzanne said...

Re the gents' shoes: a question of Best Foot Forward?

Otherwise - OUCH OUCH OUCH! Especially since I'm stuck at home with a bad hip, waiting for an MRI scan and eventually a date for a replacement! Just the thought of anything like that hurts!

SharonM said...

I do like some of the flat-heeled boots.

What a fabulous talking point the first pair of shoes would be if you owned them.

What sort of prices are they charging?