Saturday, 3 January 2015


Now THIS is what I call a sandwich...

...or, as the Italians call it, a tramezzino.

Constructed from very soft bread minus the crusts, tramazini are capable of holding generously-portioned fillings of prosciutto, cheese, tuna and olive or, in the one sampled above, egg and crab.

Tramezzino are said to have been invented in 1925 at the Caffè Mulassano di Piazza Castello in Turin as an alternative to English-style sandwiches. Today, apparently, the bar offers forty varieties of tramezzini. Here, in Venice, and all over Italy, these inexpensive and deliciously satisfying snacks are available in bars to busy Italians (and scurrying tourists) as an accompaniment to a swift espresso or a more leisurely Aperol Spritzer.

The word tramezzino was invented by Gabriele D'Annunzio as a substitute for the English word "sandwich", being easier (for Italians) to pronounce and – whilst a neologism – it is  a completely Italian term since "tramezzino" sounds like "in-between", with the addition of the diminutive suffix  "-ino".

Diminutive they may be, but as my old gran used to say: "Good things come in small packages!"

Of course, if you want to eat tramazzini at Gran Caffe Quadri in Piazetta San Marco you will pay twice as much (at least) for the privilege of having half the stuffing –– depending on your definition of being 'stuffed'!! 



Servetus said...

Wow, that one looks fantastic!!

dragonladych said...

Looks yummy. But I am not so sure about the "portability" of something like that. After all a sandwich is supposed to go in a pocket or a bag too.

Samwise said...

Interesting! how would this translate in England or the US market I wonder? I have a notion it would make a neat niche product for someone like friendly's, tgi fridays, or pet a pret.

Brian Sibley said...

You need very soft bread - British and American sliced breads would give way under the strain!