Saturday, 22 August 2015


Today would have been Ray Bradbury's 95th birthday...

I've recently been re-reading Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews by Sam Weller and I really like this exchange between interviewer and interviewee...

WELLER: Do you like being famous?

BRADBURY: Sure. To know you are loved everywhere you go. That's wonderful.

WELLER: How many books have you sold?

BRADBURY: I've never bothered to ask. It's not how many that's important, it's who owns them.

How true! And I'm glad – and proud – to be among that number, Ray!


The portrait above was personally owned by Ray Bradbury and offered for sale in auction by Nate D Sanders Auctions on 25 September 2014 (part of Lot 48017) where it was described as ‘Excellent bust portrait of the author done in pencil, signed illegibly and dated 1974.’ However, the style and signature are clearly those of the distinguished American artist and author, Barnaby Conrad

Curiously, the portrait did not sell in the auction, and so was subsequently offered for direct sale by the auctioneers at the original starting bid. Having deciphered the 'illegible' signature as being that of Barnaby Conrad and, encouraged by David (who, like me, was impressed with the piece), I decided to give it the loving home it deserved!


boll weavil said...

It's a great not surprised it found favour with the man himself. I'm sure he would have given it you himself.

Michael G. said...

Brian - What a wonderful memory! I know that Ray would be so happy that the drawing found a loving home with you and David.
Cheers - mg