Thursday, 24 March 2016


Here, by way of a little Easter surprise, is a rather unusual retelling of the greatest story ever told–––

(According to Captain Beaky and His Band)

Jeremy Lloyd's The Woodland Gospels dramatised for Radio by Brian Sibley 

Starring David Langton as Artful Owl, Jeremy Lloyd as Captain Beaky,
Clive Swift as Timid Toad, Nigel Davenport as Reckless Rat, 
Beryl Reid as Batty Bat and Leslie Phillips as Hissing Sid

The programme, produced by Graham Gauld and directed by John Forrest.
was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 23 December 1984 at 18:15


Val said...

A real treat and Lovely cards too ! Thank you
Happy Easter to you and your family

Brian Sibley said...

Thanks, Val. Easter greetings to you, too!

Adam Stone said...

I grew up listening to this on a cassette tape. We recorded it from the radio, which probably wasn't legal!! Is there any way to purchase this beautiful radio play? We just had our first child and I would love for him to enjoy it as I did. I've found it on sound cloud but see no way to purchase/download it for keeps. Any advice? Thanks so much for a wonderful treasure.

Adam Stone said...

Hi Brian, I grew up listening to this wonderful adaptation. I would love for my son to now have that joy. Is there anywhere one can purchase the radio play? I found it on sound cloud but see no way to buy or download. Any advice? Thanks again for a precious gift.

Brian Sibley said...

Can you find me on Facebook and send me a Facebook message? We'll sort something out... Brian

Adam Stone said...

Hi Brian. I sent you a pm on fb. Thanks so much! I was so blessed to read your message. Hope to hear from you soon. :-)

Brian Sibley said...

Adam, I can't find your FB message...