Friday, 3 November 2017


Our second exploration of Damien Hirst's Venetian exhibition, Treasures from the WRECK of the Unbelievable. This time those 'treasures' are on sho at the Punto della Dogano, the wonderfully atmospheric gallery space created from what was Venice's historic customs building, standing as it does almost opposite the Piazetta San Marco at the point where the Grand Canal meets the Guidecca Canal.

The setting is very different from that of the noble Palazzo Grassi, but is no less imposing. The same might be said for the exhibits, but with echoes or foreshadowing – depending upon which gallery you visit first!

As before, nothing is quite what it seems but then as Damien Hirst says: SOMEWHERE BETWEEN LIES AND TRUTH LIES THE TRUTH.

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Photos: © Brian Sibley and David Weeks, 2017  

Click HERE to visit Part 1 of the exhibition

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