Sunday 4 July 2010


To mark the fact that today is the 148th anniversary of that "golden afternoon" in July 1862 on which Charles Dodgson - better known as Lewis Carroll - told three little girls a story that would become Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, here's just one of the many musical, literary, theatrical and cinematic spin-offs inspired by Carroll's wild imagination - Jefferson Airplane and 'White Rabbit'...

a very happy

to all my American friends


Chuck Munson said...

Thank you Brian, both for the reminder of a date important for Alice fans and also for the "birthday" greetings!

I think it says a lot for the peoples of the UK and the US, that in spite of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, the much-touted "special relationship" developed and endures and hopefully enjoys an unending run!

I took a look at the Declaration of Independence in my blog yesterday. It was interesting to me to note that the "Founding Fathers", while making it very clear that they were setting the colonies in an independent direction in spite of the consequences (i.e. war), noted that the British were only considered enemies for as long as the "business" took to complete if successful. Regardless of the outcome, they could in no way be certain that the ties so important to so many in these future United States would survive. 234 years later this Anglophile can only look back and say we are fortunate that our ancestors did recover and forge that "special relationship". So as I join my fellow Americans in celebrating our independence, I also send a hip, hip, hooray to the UK!

Suzanne said...

Far out! I love that song! I love the lyrics. Probably the most hippy song I know...