Saturday 27 November 2010


I recently posted some of my photographs of Sydney and regular readers of this blog will be familiar with my snaps of Venice and Greece, but as much as I enjoy taking picture of other cities, I also enjoy photographing landmarks in my home capital – such as the London Eye...

Palm, Eye & Flags (1)

Flag & Clock

Flowers & Eye (1)

London Eye (1)

London Eye (4)

London Eye (2)

London Eye (5)

Event Horizon (4)


SharonM said...

I think the only way to describe them, is 'Eye-catching'!

Jason Tammemägi said...

That first photo is so close to being an Eye within an eye - the lashes are leaves, the pupil is, well, the Eye. Lovely photos.

Brian Sibley said...

Sharon and Jason – Thank you for your compliments and, yes, of course, Jason's interpretation of the first photo is exactly what I intended! ;)