Monday, 2 January 2012


This is, without question, the freshest salad I've ever been served!

Photo: David Weeks


SharonM said...

Oh look, it's Brian the Snail! Did you have to pay extra for it?

No wait, you're in Italy rather than France.

Sacra said...

Is a joke? ...isn`t it?...:/

Brian Sibley said...

SharonM – Two excellent jests in one comment! Well done!

Sacra – Not quite a joke... David bought a handful of fresh salad in the market, put in onto plates and, as we sat down to eat, this dear little mollusk glided out of the undergrowth to say "Hello!"

Suzanne said...

Yeeurk!!! Did you cook it after with garlic butter?
reaftion: unexpected reaction to food

scb said...

Escargots, anyone?

Suddenly my experience of finding a ladybug in my salad in a restaurant seems like nothing at all.

DISTATTI -- Finding a small, distasteful creature in an Italian salad.