Saturday, 7 January 2012


How did you do with our Musical Film Quiz?

There were fewer entries than I'd imagined: more of you must have a life than I'd supposed! And whatever became of the entry from the supremely confident Polkadotsoph, I'll never know!

However, the speed with which those who did enter entered was staggering!

First home with a full set of 60 correct answers (and within less than three hours of the quiz being posted, too!) was GOOD DOG. Congratulations!

Only a few hours later, came another complete and accurate set of answers from SHEILA & ROGER – who were angling for bonus points for offering, in addition to the correct solution, an alternative to DD/AN - Derby Day / Anna Neagle (above left), but which was not, I think, a musical!; and then, shortly afterward (but from the other side of the Atlantic) came a third correct set from MICHAEL.

So, well done to you three, too – and to EUDORA and SCB for creditable, if not quite entire, entries.

And for those who care, here are the answers...

1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang / Dick Van Dyke

2. The Wizard of Oz / Bert Lahr

3. Doctor Dolittle / Anthony Newley

4. Mary Poppins / David Tomlinson

5. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory / Gene Wilder

6. The Slipper and the Rose / Richard Chamberlain

7. Star! / Daniel Massey

8. Hans Christian Andersen / Danny Kaye

9. The Sound of Music / Eleanor Parker

10. Singin' in the Rain / Donald O'Connor

11. Meet Me in St Louis / Margaret O'Brien

12. Camelot / Vanessa Redgrave

13. Caberet / Joel Grey

14. Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street / Helena Bonham Carter

15. Royal Wedding / Fred Astaire

16. Hello Dolly! / Louis Armstrong

17. Song of Norway / Harry Secombe

18. Top Hat / Ginger Rogers

19. Thoroughly Modern Millie / Mary Tyler Moore

20. Million Dollar Mermaid / Esther Williams

21. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Fiona Fullerton

22. Fiddler on the Roof / Chaim Topol

23. Man of La Mancha / Sophia Loren

24. Goodbye, Mr Chips / Peter O'Toole

25. Bedknobs and Broomsticks / Angela Lansbury

26. A Star is Born / James Mason

27. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes / Jane Russell

28. Babes in Arms / Mickey Rooney

29. Finnian's Rainbow / Tommy Steele

30. Kiss Me Kate / Howard Keel

31. Show Boat / Kathryn Grayson

32. The Broadway Melody / Bessie Love

33. Gigi / Louis Jourdan

34. South Pacific / Rossano Brazzi

35. The King and I / Deborah Kerr

36. West Side Story / Natalie Wood

37. Oklahoma! / Gordon MacRae

38. Carousel / Shirley Jones

39. Chicago / Renee Zellweger

40. Funny Girl / Omar Sharif

41. On the Town / Frank Sinatra

42. An American in Paris / Gene Kelly

43. Moulin Rouge! / Ewan McGregor

44. Yankee Doodle Dandy / James Cagney

45. Evita / Madonna

46. Grease / John Travolta

47. All That Jazz / Roy Schneider

48. Jesus Christ Superstar / Ted Neeley

49. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers / Jane Powell

50. My Fair Lady / Stanley Holloway

51. High Society / Bing Crosby

52. Annie / Albert Finney

53. White Christmas / Rosemary Clooney

54. The Muppet Christmas Carol / Kermit the Frog

55. Mamma Mia! / Pierce Brosnan

56. Oliver! / Ron Moody

57. Guys and Dolls / Stubby Kaye

58. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum / Buster Keaton

59. Paint Your Wagon / Clint Eastwood

60. On a Clear Day You Can See Forever / Yves Montand

And the answers to Sheila's follow-up selection submitted via the comments section to my original post:

1. Gypsy / Ethel Merman

2. The Young Ones / Robert Morley

3. Help! / Leo McKern

4. The Boy Friend / Christopher Gable

5. Blue Hawaii / Angela Lansbury

6. Some Like It Hot / George Raft

7. The Producers / Gene Wilder

8. A Chorus Line / Michael Douglas

9. A Night At The Opera / Harpo Marx

10. Call Me Madam / George Sanders


scb said...

Obviously I need to do some remedial musical watching! Oh well, it was definitely fun. And congratulations to Good Dog! (and the others) ... Now Eudora and I will go off and commiserate with each other.

VV/LAW, anyone?

SharonM said...

Congratulations to everyone who entered - stunning from GOOD DOG and SHEILA & ROGER (did Buttons Hippo and Hippolyta help?) and MICHAEL.

I haven't heard of quite a few of them - I'm obviously far too young!

Brian Sibley said...

SCB – 'Remedial musical watching'? Always good for stress relief! :)

SharonM – I can't speak for Hippolyta (who can?) but as a diva of note she may have been able to give Roger and Sheila a few hints...

Brian Sibley said...

SCB – PS: Victor Victoria (co-starring Lesley Ann Warren) really ought to have been on the original list...

Sheila said...

SharonM - Thank you! Buttons Hippo isn't very interested in films, but Hippolyta did help a bit as she tells us she has appeared in a few of the movies.

She was apparently in the chorus for the big scene in Derby Day and she and Anna Neagle used to go out for cocktails together in the evening after shooting ... so she says ...

scb said...

Thanks, Brian! Victor Victoria is one of my favorite musicals. Great music, but also a message I appreciate, and songs that are part of the normal action of the script, rather than seeming incongruous (much as I love The Sound of Music, if I was in a clinch with a handsome man, I wouldn't suddenly start singing about my youth and childhood).

Eudora said...

I must confess, though it is obvious, that musicals are not my specialty, much less with their original titles in english... I also wondered what had happened to Victor Victoria, because it is the musical more times I've seen in my life (version of Blake Edwards...

SCB next time will be our quiz, our chance ;)