Tuesday, 8 August 2006


As you start getting older, it becomes increasingly clear that there's a time and a place for essential questions to be asked --- at least if you want to be sure crucial moments of opportunity don't slip by...

I always remember an elderly bishop saying to me:

"I've reached that point in life when, if I ever have to re-tie my shoe-laces, I stop and ask myself whether there's anything else I need to do while I'm down there!"

[Image: 'Shoes' (1888) by Vincent van Gogh from Artcyclopedia]


lee said...

Hi Brian,
that I will remember.


Anna said...

I suppose that's better than stooping and then forgetting why you're down there...!

David Weeks said...

Worse yet, is pausing at the turn in a staircase and then not being able recall whether you were going up or down.

lorinb79 said...

Or you could realize that you're still wearing your big fuzzy house slippers, a humiliating experience that happened to me not so very long ago.

lee said...

Thank you Brian, and the house why thats my Grand ma's house of course (well it would be would'nt it) and as soon as she's off to the man himself above, it's your's !

Brian Sibley said...

Lee (above) has a sketchblog containing some very striking images. Check it out - especially this desirable residence, which prompted me to comment:

“Can you, please, advise which estate agent is representing the property advertised on Wednesday's blog? It looks rather appealing...”

To which Lee has now replied:

“The house… why that’s my Grandma's house of course (well it would be would'nt it?) and as soon as she's off to the man himself above, it's yours!”

Which is incredibly generous - unless Lee (and, therefore, his Grandma) are incredibly young!!