Friday, 11 August 2006


Every now and again, a new saying gets minted that is obviously so aposite to the times in which we live that - like a bright, new penny - it goes swiftly into circulation and becomes common currency...

Maybe that's why I keep stumbling across the following phrase in strap-lines to webs 'n' blogs and on e-mail 'signatures':
"It's not that I think stupidity should be punishable by death. I just think we should take the warning labels off everything and let the problem take care of itself."
Search for the source and you'll be told that it's the work of 'Author Unknown', but whoever wrote or said it first knew that we live in an intolerant age where everyone is pretty much stupid - apart from You and I, of course ---- and frankly, I've even got doubts about You!

So, I guess we'll just have to do away with all those WARNINGS and see what happens...

[Image: Notice on glass doors from This is Broken, a treasure-chest of insane signage. Visit and bookmark --- you'd be stupid not to!]


Anna said...

I have just spent a delightful twenty minutes giggling at the signs on this Web site.

I particularly liked "Violators Will be Towed and Find $50"

Thanks for the laugh!

Cafrine said...

It continues to amaze me how stupid people think people are. And how often they are right.

Thanks Brian! My first hearty laugh of the day.

Scrooge said...

If we turn these things on their head, it's frightening.We are now so afraid of being sued, we have to put a 'hot water' sign over a tap dispensing the same. Why ? Is there a court that would make an award for the consequences of turning it on in ignorance ? We obviously consider so. Do we really have to live in such mortal fear of litigation ?
Here's a more enjoyable advertising ploy I spotted recently. "Italian Ice-Cream..... freshly made for YOU, here in Wales"