Thursday, 8 February 2007


It is truly amazing what you can overhear if, as I am, you are a dedicated eavesdropper...

Now, I know all about eavesdroppers never hearing any good about themselves but that's just a ruse (dreamt up by sniffy moralists) to discourage us from tuning-in for a bit of light entertainment to conversations that quite often sound like early drafts for a play by Alan Bennett.

This shouldn't be too surprising, since Mr B has admitted to doing a bit of eavesdropping himself... How else could he have come up with lines like, "I think at our time of life it's probably a bit late for branching out into yoghurt"?

Anyway, there we were in our local restaurant, enjoying marinated chicken breast with new potatoes and fine beans, when a woman at the next table suddenly announced:

"So, I said to her, 'Please remember that I know you didn't discover vaginal ecstasy until the mid-sixties!'"

All I need now is the rest of the play!


Scrooge said...

I don't think you should be encouraging your large band of followers to eavesdrop especially after what happened to Lucy in the VOTDT. There's a salutory lesson for you ! Then, as if that's not enough, what about Emma Allen, the housekeeper in 'White Christmas'. If she hadn't listened in to Bing Crosbys phonecall, she wouldn't have got the wrong end of the stick and the show would have gone on as planned, shortening the film by about half an hour and meaning I'd have a much better chance of getting to the end of it without falling asleep !

Brian Sibley said...

I think that anyone who posts a comment that links 'The Chronicles of Narnia' (for the uninitiated VOTDT = 'The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader"') with Paramount's movie musical hit of 1954 is simply showing off the extent of his knowledge of 20th Century popular culture!! ;-)

Qenny said...

I'm wondering whether what you overheard was a reference to a new women-only party drug taken in a somewhat unorthodox manner.

Or perhaps they were rehearsing for a TVC about "womens products". Maybe it's a new brand.

Pauly said...

Was she referring to the decade or her age?

Scrooge said...

Following on from the last post, I wonder if you heard about the new advertising gimics used to sell products by word of mouth. These include hiring actors to stand in public areas pretending to have a conversation about their new product and its merits and spreading the commercial by 'chance encouynters' with people in pubs. Perhaps this what you overheard !