Thursday, 7 February 2008


Every city in the world has it oddities, curiosities and grotesqueries, but dear, lovely, Venice certainly has its fair share (or perhaps, being a small city, they are just more concentrated) - which is, of course part of it's unique and utterly delightful charm.

In Venice, for example, you can get just about anything made out of glass, but while glass balloons are one thing... balls of wool with glass knitting needles and pots of glass paintbrushes with glass tubes of paint... probably going a bit too far! Especially when it's obviously perfectly easy to make a wooden vase of wooden paintbrushes on a table with a wooden tablecloth!

Naturally, such a table needs to be accompanied by a paint-brush-shaped chair...

...but, if you prefer, you can have one made out of books that are made out of - er - wood, of course!

Mind you, if you're an animal lover, you'd probably prefer to sit on a chair that sits on the back of giant, bling-encrusted tortoise...

...while attending to your toilette in front of a zebra-print chests-of-drawers!

And when you're finally ready to go out and face the day... well, you can choose from a wide selection of glass shoes --- made out of Coca-Cola bottles!

Images: © Brian Sibley & David Weeks, 2008


Eudora said...

Oooooh, beautiful...!!

LisaH said...

Terrific photos, Brian.
I'd never thought of Venice as a colourful city before, but having seen your pics, I've revived my opinion.

Bela said...

Aren't the Italians wonderful? No one knows more about beauty. Gorgeous pics! :-)