Thursday, 18 December 2014


It was sixty years ago, in 1954, that Faber and Faber published The Children of Green Knowe, the first of six enchanting children's novels by Lucy M Boston, featuring imagined events in her ancient Cambridge family home, The Manor, Hemingford Grey.

Young Toseland (Tolly for short) arrives at Green Knowe in time to spend Christmas with his Great Grandmother, Mrs Oldknow. The house and its grounds soon exert a curious influence over the boy and it is not long before he finds himself encountering the spirits of three children – Toby, Alexander and Linnet – who lived at Green Knowe long before, during the reign of King Charles II.

Fifteen years ago today – 18 December 1999 – BBC Radio 4 broadcast my dramatisation of The Children of Green Knowe with Dominic Childs as Tolly and Patricia Routledge as Mrs Oldknow heading a cast that featured Bobby Williams, Jennifer Wheelan, Nicholas Hoult, Gavin Muir, Elizabeth Bell, Tom George and Gemma Saunders.

The specially-composed music was by the Fratelli Brothers and the play was directed by Marilyn Imrie.

Whether or not you know the books, hopefully you will enjoy hearing this delightful tale come alive as a piece of vintage radio magic.

It might even help you start to feel just a little bit Christmassy...

Here is a link to Lucy M Boston's books about Green Knowe and you can read all about the real Green Knowe (and how to visit) here.


Val , Kate, The Cute Kitten ,Razzy, Kepsey,Darwin ,Charon and Echo. said...

I remember this play and loved it. Now I get to hear it again Thank You!

Many Thanks as well for the photographs they really add to my picture of the real Green Knowe..I had just been reading about Lucy Boston and how she didn't publish work until after the age of 60 and then she produced a quantity of quality work. It was a really nice surprise to visit your blog and find your post a most fortuitous coincidence :o)

K.M.Lockwood said...

Thank you for this, Brian. I love this book so much - and I much appreciate the chance to hear the radio version again.

Anji Spangle said...

Bless you for this - one of the very best stories in The Whole Wild World.
Comfort and Joy to you, and a Merry Christmas.

Katherine Langrish said...

I adore these books - thankyou!

Brian Sibley said...

Val & Co, K M Lockwood, Anji and Katherine: Thank you all!!