Sunday, 9 July 2006


This is a follow-up to yesterday's blog about Alan Bennett's miniscule signature that, for some people, seems to have nothing to do with the notion that 'small is beautiful' and everything to do with 'size matters'!

If the latter really is true when it comes to autographs, then cartoonist, satirist and 'enfant terrible', Gerald Scarfe, certainly gives value for money.

Scarfe's signature in a copy of Drawing Blood, his recent collection (2005) of deliciously devastating artworks (from Private Eye to The New Yorker and from Pink Floyd's The Wall to Walt Disney's Hercules), is MORE LIKE IT!

Purchased in Hatchards of Piccadilly, this signed copy has been inscribed by Scarfe with his best barbed pen and is big, bold and (brilliant touch) blood red!

True, the book is £15 more expensive than Untold Stories, but then his signature is at least 15% larger that Bennett's - probably more!

Maybe our Alan should take a few lessons in calligraphy from Gerald Scarfe before his next signing session!

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