Thursday 6 July 2006


My new radio series, Ain’t No Mickey Mouse Music begins tomorrow, Friday, night at 7.00 pm on BBC Radio 2, 88-91 FM or live online at

This, my latest collaboration with producer Malcolm Prince, explores the words and music of the Disney Songbook - a melodic legacy that has endured for almost eighty years from the cranky little tunes accompanying Mickey Mouse’s earliest escapades through to Randy Newman’s score for the latest Disney/Pixar release Cars.

I’m not much given to blowing my own trumpet, but I have to admit to being really rather delighted that the series has received enthusiastic previews - especially one describing it as, “Brian Sibley’s gorgeous four-part celebration of the musical heritage of the Walt Disney studio.”

I’ve never made a programme that anyone has called “gorgeous” before!

It’s just, well, GORGEOUS really!

Of course, I've been a Disney fan now for more years than I care to remember and have an excessively large hoard of collectibles and memorabilia - from tawdry knick-knacks to rather more desirable items such as original Disney art.

On my Ex Libris blog I have recently posted an account of what is probably my most prized Disney possession: a genuine autograph of the Big Cheese himself - the Number One Mouseketeer!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Brian.

And toot your own trumpet all you like. "Gorgeous"? Totally trumpet-tooting worthy.

I hope it goes well.

Anna said...

Looking forward to a "gorgeous" show tonight.

I read a preview in the Times Knowledge section on Saturday and made a mental note to tune in. I never imagined I'd find the author here in the "blogosphere".

On a side note, the Times seemed to give your show a positive review in spite of its relevance to what they refer to as the "many-tenacled Disney organisation". (This was after a terrible review of Cars; terrible not because of the reviewer's obviously negative approach to the movie, but because he makes John Lasseter out to be an idiot and Pixar/Disney to be "junk" factories staffed by too many "irrepressibly perky employee[s]")

Some people just have no sense of magic.