Tuesday, 11 July 2006


The following e-mail just received. Explanations urgently sought:

"...that, of course, there is some force between them, as I understand it, 'Home I have none. Flock I have none. I am Outcast.' And we fly now in the Zone many times, but without it - no, I just can't. They were both more. --------- was no ordinary bird."


David Weeks said...

Could this be a lone albatross who has misplaced its iPod?

PS. The word verifications are getting longer ~ 'qmlbdghp'

Brian Sibley said...

No, not an albatross!

But you were on the right wavelength - or should I say flight-path?

See next blog for full details...

PS: Your 'qmlbdghp' is a real corker - makes my 'mqzhrg' look pretty feeble!