Thursday 8 March 2007


Another regular reader of this blog, Anne, belatedly asked me -- or, rather, asked Buttons -- for a letter to play the Likes & Dislikes game.

Buttons gave Anne the letter 'B' to play with and it turns out that, among other things, she likes 'Books', 'Bagels' and 'Bubble wrap' but isn't too keen on 'Bills', 'Bugs' and 'Brandy'!

Check out her full list at Queen Anne's Revenge.

By the way, it's been pointed out to me that on my personal list, David only managed to scrap onto my inventory of 'Likes' at number 10 and that it was a pretty mean of me to put my best chum and lover at the bottom of the list - even if he was preceded by 'bottoms' (in the form of 'derrières') and was even complimented on his own rear!

Well, I certainly didn't intend to give David the bum's rush, I just hadn't thought of the 1-10 numbering being a ranking order!

So, to put the matter straight (as it were) David is most defintely Number One and everything else (including derrières, his and others) are in any order there on down!!

Here he is giving Jack Sparrow a run for his dubloons!

[Images: Letter 'B' by Creations Unlimited; Long John Weeks by Brian Sibley!]


Brian Sibley said...


Or, perhaps, Yo-ho-ho!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I read your "likes" list as a building up to your favourite thing, therefore making David top of your list rather than bottom.

Brian Sibley said...

I don't know... All these tops and bottoms! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I look at it like qenny too - last but not least & all that!

Anne said...

I didn't think the items were in any particular order. David looks dashing as a pirate, by the way - he seems to be a natural.