Saturday, 31 March 2007


It's the weekend and for those who fancy keeping in mental trim need while on their 'down time', here's a mean little brain-teaser for you...

Find a nine-letter English word from which you can remove ONE LETTER at a time and always leave another NEW WORD.

The letters can be removed from anywhere within the word, but the order of the remaining letters cannot be rearranged.


In between puzzling over that (or if it just gets too painful to think about) you can amuse yourself with this teaser. Then, when you've mastered it, cut it out, stick it onto a piece of cardboard (an old corn flakes box is particularly good) and carry it with you to impress your friends in the pub, office canteen, supermarket checkout queue, pre-school creche or STD clinic...

Meanwhile, two latecommers have, finally, joined in the Like & Dislikes Game - there are 10 of each from David Weeks beginning with the Letter 'M' ("Why with an M?" said Alice. "Why not?" said the March hare) and 5 of each (it was so long ago, she forgot the rules!) beginning with 'C' from the The Diva of Deception.

[Illustration (top left): Words are Sweet Sounds for Objects Unreal, a portrait of Jack Kerouac by Justin Simoni composed of the first page of text of Kerouac's On The Road.]

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