Wednesday, 26 March 2008


WHAT? EVERY Tuesday??

Which is, I guess, a good reason to think about moving out of South West London if you were 22 on your last birthday - or, at least for travelling by tube.


Boll Weavil said...

Why is the man's age so important that it has to be on the headline ? Why are we so obsessed by age... how old is the bus ? We should be told.... "Man,23,is shot on bus,3, by gunman,36 ! I come from Nottingham.Here, such things aren't even news.

LisaH said...

Given newspapers' propensities to make bad news their headlines I would think that most Tuesdays are probably bad for some people there.

andy in greece said...

I seem to remember a similar headline a few years ago to the effect that 'a man gets run over by a london taxi every day'.
You would think after the first few times he would be more careful.

Brian Sibley said...

ANDY - Great quote! I love it! And congrats on somehow getting past the blogger-block in order to leave a comment! :-)