Monday, 18 June 2007


If you haven't already been subjected to them via several dozen round-robin e-mails, you might care to test your skills in logical thinking with the following questions.

They were allegedly devised by a leading consultation agency (personally, I can find no proof of this) to test the ability of professionals to think like professionals!

Fact or urban myth, here are the three frightfully simple questions...

1. How do you put a giraffe into the refrigerator?

2. The Lion is hosting an Animal Conference and all except one animal attends. Which animal does
not go?

3. There is a river you must cross, but it is inhabited by crocodiles. It is too wide to jump over and you do not have a boat. How do you manage it?

Answers, tomorrow!

Bet you can hardly wait!!

[Image: © Brian Sibley, 2007]


LisaH said...

Is it my imagination or has the giraffe had a makeover since this was first posted?

Brian Sibley said...

Yes, Lisa, The cartoon giraffe that was previously there was a gif -- yes, that's right, a giraffe gif! -- which seemed to take forever to load. In checking back to my picture source, I found that it was also a copyrighted image and so decided to replace it with a giraffe of my own...

Good Dog said...

01. How big is the refrigerator? Then again, how big is the giraffe?

If it's a great big fridge you open it and push the giraffe in.

If it's a tiny giraffe... you open the door, take out the milk, cheese, eggs etc... and stuff the baby giraffe in.

02. Oh, bloody hell! It's the flipping giraffe because it can't get out of the fridge.

03. Hot air balloon? Helicopter? Jet pack? ...It's the day the Lion is hosting the Animal Conference, so all the crocodiles have waddled off to it. So there aren't any crocs on duty.

Do I get a GCSE for this?

Brian Sibley said...

GOOD DOG - No GCSE, I'm afriad, but the only one to get his/her answers published on the blog BEFORE the official answer goes up!! Now, how exciting is THAT?!