Saturday 6 October 2007


...snuffly and sneezy!

The sun shone, the sky was blue and (left) the seagulls obligingly flew past on cue... but, unfortunately, I spent most of the time sneezing and coughing.

As a result, our Honeymoon Boudoir was not quite as romantic as it ought to have been: the roses, champagne and chocolates (courtesy of - how's this for a name? - Bona Foodie!) being outnumbered by boxes of tissues, packets of Lemsip, tubes of Soothers, bottles of Benylyn and the occasional Vic inhaler!

Still - between bouts of coughing and wheezing - we at least began to acclimatise to the idea of being officially Mr and Mr!

The real downside is that the cold has meant that, after weeks of apprehension, Monday's visit to the hospital for an angiogram - the original reason for the almost indecent dash to the altar! - has had to be postponed as the hospital won't carry out the procedure on a patient who keeps giving way to rasping coughing-fits... The test has been rescheduled for Monday 22, so I have two more fun weeks of anxiety.

Never mind, at least David and I finally got around to tying the knot - and, since my Civil Partner happens to be a magician who's routine include several tricks with ropes and knots - I better make sure it's not a slip-knot!

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Anonymous said...

Is my memory playing tricks on me, or did you snuffle your way through your last visit to Brighton? Maybe you're allergic to the place?
Hope you get well soon though!