Sunday 8 April 2007


For I remember it is Easter morn,

And life and love and peace are all new born.

- Alice Freeman Palmer

[Image: © Brian Sibley, 2007]


Boll Weavil said...

Happy Easter to you Mr B and also David.

Scrooge, as was (my password's failed !)

Brian Sibley said...

WHAT?! Well, getting used to Boll Weavil (instead of Scrooge) is going to be a serious challenge!

I mean, why the dickens didn't you at least call yourself 'Marley' or 'Cratchit'?

Anyway, Happy Easter, Mr Weavil!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter and good chocolate day, too!

Boll Weavil said...

Actually its Mr Boll ! Mr Weavil lives across the road. Twenty five years ago, I started a band (when duo's were commonplace) and named it 'Boll Weavil' (the spelling to reflect the Beatles and derived from a nickname given to the other band member who was very thin).For some reason we took the name and, impersonating a folk duo, divided it up as surnames. I became Leandros Boll, my partner Gregorious Weavil (can't explain the christian names). In these days where most known words are allocated as email addresses, a crazy but easy to remember mis-spelling is a boon for establishing ones identity ! Anyway, 'Marley' is to boring. My mate Bob has that !

Brian Sibley said...

Blimey! The stuff one learns here!! ;-)