Wednesday, 4 April 2007


So, does She take one with her wherever She goes? And, if so, why don't we ever see them? And while we're asking awkward questions: does the Duke of Edinburgh have His own, or does He share Hers?


Scrooge said...

Spitting Image had Her Majesty observing "I don't go to the loo, I'm the Queen" I've always taken that as true without question so I shouldn't think these issues arise.Then again, Pepys observed of the King, "Methinks he is just as other men are" when he saw him out with his dog where the latter was answering a call of nature very publically. In both instances I see no reason why portable facilities couldn't be supplied on the off-chance. Then maybe we could have them in places where we really need them, like at the side of motorways etc

Brian Sibley said...

Well said, Mr Scrooge! Let's get a petition started!

Adriaan said...

I saw your Peter Jackson biography in Bangkok last week; your words are spanning the globe!

I might have to pick up a copy, unless you don't recommend it!

Brian Sibley said...

Adriaan, did you say Bangkok! How utterly terrifying... I mean what have the good folk of Bangkok ever done to me?!

Of course I don't recommend it!! ;-)

Brian Sibley said...

The following missive has been received...

Good afternoon

It has come to my attention that emphasis on the lower regions is dominating your blog. Could we please have something tasteful, even if cerebral is too much to ask for.

I drew today's offering to the attention of Her Majesty who denied ever having to use such a ghastly facility but who graciously allowed that there must be something for the peasantry.

Her Majesty further requests an improving fable or a competition which will not encourage vulgarity for your next posting.

I remain, Sir, your obedient servant,

The Duchess of Berkshire
Virtual Lady in Waiting

Brian Sibley said...

To the Duchess of Berkshire,

Your Grace,

I would respectfully point out that an improving fable about a mollusc appeared on these pages a few days ago and passed without comment, as did a similarly recent competitition-puzzle.

Despite the obvious lack of interest in such posts, I will try again tomorrow and very much hope that your Grace and Her Majesty will enjoy a blog entry which will, I guarantee, be totally free of any reference to the nether regions of the human body.

Your humble servant,

Brian Sibley

Scrooge said...

I agree with the level of smut on here and think things should be raised to a higher intellectual level. I myself, am willing to take the lead, on elevating issues to a more academic standard of debate.Perhaps, I may suggest another caption competition then I can send in a load more gay jokes.

Brian Sibley said...

Is there no hope for the future...?

David Weeks said...

This portable loo thingy is just the jobby for Her Majy ~ She can deploy the Royal Wee anywhere and at any time, without others being privy as it were.

It occurs to me to wonder if the creation of this contraption, together with its Royal Charter, was sanctioned by the Privy Council?