Friday, 19 January 2007


Life is full of curious little fortuosities, isn't it? The picture below landed in my mailbox only hours after I posted yesterday’s blog!

As if in contradiction of my remarks about models managing to rise above the ludicrous circumstances in which photographers place them, comes this image of two young men who appear to have found themselves in an incredibly uncomfortable (not to say compromising!) situation - and really do look rather less than thrilled.

What I want to know is what is going through the minds of these hardy cowhands?

Is the guy on the left perhaps saying, "Right! So it's not actually plumbed in, then?"

Or maybe the chap on the right is asking, "What do you mean, 'That's the loofah'?"

So, gentle readers, it is now----



All entries will be published so long as (in keeping with the bath-time theme) they are reasonably clean or make sensitive use of dashes and asterisks!


Brian Sibley said...

Launching this competition was like turning on a tap! Entries are literally pouring in and to be fair to everyone, I won't publish any of your submissions until everyone's had a chance to have a go - or, as one or two of you have already decided, SEVERAL GOES!

Don't expect, therefore, to read any of the witty, saucy, silly and downright vulgar captions that readers have been coming up with until after the closing date --- which is... well, not quite yet!

But it's SOON, so HURRY UP!! :-)

Brian Sibley said...

Cafrine e-mailed (don't know why she did post) to say:


If only I were spontanteously witty enough to come up with something to win this! I'm far too busy laughing
my rear off. What is this even trying to sell?! I'm too afraid to click the link. Who knows what will come up!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has come up with!"