Tuesday, 16 January 2007


Here's some more helpful dietry advice which I pass on in the hope of helping others desperately trying to fight the flab and banish the bulge...

This is a new diet on which - if you follow the SIX EASY STEPS - you are ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to loose weight!

It is called...


And this is how it works...

1: You walka pasta da bakery.

2: You walka pasta da sweet shop.

3: You walka pasta da ice cream stand.

4: You walk pasta da restaurant.

5: You walka pasta da table and fridge.

6: You lose weight!


Phil said...

Are you becoming a Pastafarian? (There is such a thing - Google it and see!)

Suzanne said...

You can losa more weight if you jogga pasta da fridge...

jen said...

basta pasta!
Has any one weakened & tried this on their travels?

lisa said...

oh boy talk about a complete non-sequitur.. but we'll try our best to contextualize this:)
puzzler: "What is the only english word when first letter changes from lower to upper, BOTH the meaning AND the pronounciation changes as well?? We love your stuff over here at the cafe. Happynewyear!!"

hint: the word has 6 letters and begins with letter p.. and YES, one of the words will make you lose weight, but only if indulged in excessively.
thanks for the pasta tip brian, although my prob is in fact keeping weight on:~) maybe you can help?