Friday 9 March 2012


There was a surprisingly low submission for our latest caption competition. Possibly this novelty (like the ad that was the subject on this occasion) has passed it Best Before Date; or, maybe (as one of our regular entrants suggests in a couple of his captions) it was down to an absence of scantily-clad young men in the picture. Whatever the reason, there submissions were few but – needless to say – of an excellent calibre!

Here's the picture you were asked to provide some dialogue for...

And here's what folks came up with...



Andy J Latham:

"It's alright Doreen, my husband will clean it up!"


"You always did have a heavy hand with pastry dear,
but your rock cakes have excelled themselves this time!"

(in alphabetical order)

Boll Weavil
"Good heavens! It's a WOMAN on the Sibley blog!

Aunts Maud and Marge have different reactions to being asked to wear gentleman's undergarments – the traditional apparel for models in the caption competition.

Fans hear the news of Titus Groan's success.

"You can hardly taste the weedkiller dear!"
"I think they could have demonstrated 'resists stains' in some better way don't you?"
Woman on left to woman on right: "I told you eating more than twelve rum balls would make you tipsy!"
"Oh, my gosh! This blue-screen is dry-clean only!"

Congratulations to the winners
and thanks to everyone who took part!


scb said...

Congratulations to the winners!

I will admit that the absence of scantily clad men was rather upsetting. oh wait. That would have been a better caption than the one I entered.

"Yes, dear, I know that not finding any scantily clad men in Brian's blog contest is upsetting, but you needn't upset the table over it!"

Why didn't I think of that earlier? And someone explains to the group that thinking slowly is hernorm (one of my word verifications.)

Boll Weavil said...

I thought it was a difficult picture. Perhaps I too am inspired only by men in their undergarments.Hmm
ANCLUAL: The time that elapses between seeing a caption competition picture and coming up with something to say about
HANERVID: The sound transmitted by the brain during a period of ANCLUAL and sometimes compared to trying to start a car or other piece of rusty machinery on a cold morning.

Andy Latham said...

Well I am honored with the win! And I'd sorely miss these competitions if they were no more. Keep them up Brian! :D

Good Dog said...

Darn it! I dragged the image onto the desktop and scribbled the closing date on a post-it (that soon got covered up by the accumulated junk on my desk) and was so busy that the date just breezed right past me. Although with my brain so full of things at the moment I'm not sure I could have come up with anything. But I love these contests you set us and promise to contribute to the next one.