Saturday 18 September 2021

Signed Books: LORD OF MISRULE by Christopher Lee


I own signed books that simply feature the author's name; many (from a long career of interviewing) that have such additions as 'Nice to meet you...' or 'Thanks for the interview'; and there are some inscribed to me or to others (where I bought the volumes from booksellers or at auction) with lengthy, sometimes florid, essays!

In signing this particular book, Lord of Misrule, the seldom taciturn Christopher Lee used very few words (and a number!); but his very personal inscription is charming and delightfully pleasing. 

Modesty forbids, but if you have a copy of Lord of Misrule, you can look up the reference!  


Sunday 5 September 2021

ERIC FRASER'S 'Radio Times' art for the BBC's THE LORD OF THE RINGS


This post is for all you aficionados of
the BBC 1981 radio serialisation of The Lord of the Rings who have been following my six-monthly Blog and Facebook journey across the original twenty-six weekly episodes as they were first broadcast on Sundays from 8 March to 30 August, forty years ago.

Here, all in one place, is the complete set of Eric Fraser's black-and-white illustrations made to accompany the credits to the weekly episodes in the BBC's listings magazine, Radio Times

All images, except that for the second episode ('The Shadow of the Past'), are reproduced from Fraser's original art now in my collection; in this one instance, the image used was scanned from its printed reproduction in Radio Times. (I would, incidentally, be grateful for any information about the ownership of this 'missing' piece!)

The three images made for episodes 15-17 ('The Voice of Saruman', 'The Black Gate is Closed' and 'The Window on the West') are published on this blog for the very first time since, during that three week period, there was an industrial dispute at the print-works responsible for producing Radio Times and the magazine was issued only in an slimmed-down emergency format with few, if any, illustrations. The additional image at the top of this post was a generic design Fraser made featuring Gandalf, Frodo and Sam which was used on the BBC souvenir poster for the series and, subsequently, as a decoration for the box containing the cassette-tape release of the recordings. 


1.  The Long-awaited Party



2.  The Shadow of the Past


3.  The Black Riders


4. Trouble at the Prancing Pony

5. The Knife in the Dark


6. The Council of Elrond


7. The Fellowship of the Ring


8. The Mines of Moria


9. The Mirror of Galadriel


10. The Breaking of the Fellowship


11. The Riders of Rohan


12. Treebeard of Fangorn


13. The King of the Golden Hall


14. Helm’s Deep


15. The Voice of Saruman


16. The Black Gate is Closed 


17. The Window on the West


18. Minas Tirith


19. Shelob’s Lair


20. The Siege of Gondor


21. The Battle of Pelennor Fields


22. The Houses of Healing


23. Mount Doom


24. The Return of the King


25. Homeward Bound


26. The Grey Havens