Monday 31 July 2023



Living, as a child, in Chislehurst – a then-still-rural corner of Kent – I never saw copies of Tales from the Crypt and even if I had, being a kid with a highly overactive imagination, I would likely have steered clear of the Crypt-Keeper, his chums and their grim tales. Not only that, but I very much doubt if I woud have succeeded in smuggling them past my mother's eagle eye! 


Anyway, when I finally discovered Tales from the Crypt I embraced them for their ripe blending of the comic and the grotesque. Every issue featured cover art – sometimes lurid, often grisly, always striking – by among the best-of-the-best comic-book artists of their day. 


This copy (Vol. 1 # 46, February 1955) is from the pen of the legend that was Jack Davis (1924-2016) celebrated for his prolific output for Mad and other off-the-wall comics such as Cracked, Humbug and Help! as well as memorable film posters for films including It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Viva Max! and Kelly’s Heroes.  


I think this particular issue of Tales from the Crypt serves as an exemplar of great comic book art: grabbing the eyeballs and sensationally begging anyone passing a news-stand to stop and buy!

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