Sunday 1 July 2007



For being the guy that people notice, not because he's wearing Georgio Armani's Attitude but because he's not wearing anything else?


For being the only guy with a bottle of aftershave disguised as a cigarette lighter on the day that the smoking ban come into force?


Anne said...

It DOES look like a lighter, doesn't it?
I suppose if someone ran around wearing nothing but cologne, they would be remembered. Possibly arrested.

Boll Weavil said...

Surely not another feeble pretext for the inclusion of a muscular gentleman on this site.... Surely this must mean its time for another caption competition !

Brian Sibley said...

ANNE - Not sure anyone would necessarily remember the fragrance being worn... ;-)

BOLL WEAVIL - Oh, come on! There hasn't been any beefsteak on the menu for weeks! :-))

SharonM said...

The more muscular gentlemen the better.
On the subject of the smoking ban, it has been in force here in Scotland for more than a year now and is well established.
For someone who hated going in to smokey atmospheres and ending up with clothes and hair reeking of stale cigarette smoke and often having sore eyes and throat, I've found the ban an absolute joy.