Saturday 28 July 2007


Did I mention how very thoughtful and helpful the Dutch people are?

Take our hotel room in Amsterdam, for example: if, on entering the room, you felt in any doubt as to the exact location of the BED - or indeed were exhibiting any degree of uncertainty as to which was the head and which the bottom - all one had to do was aim for the...


Similarly, when desiring to leave the room, any anxiety concerning the route to the DOOR was instantly settled with reference to the helpful directions woven into the carpet at the foot of the bed!


Good Dog said...

A little obvious sure, but I bet they're more than helpful when the guests are completely hopped up on monkey glands.

Er, or whatever it is the young urban hipsters take.

Brian Sibley said...

GOOD DOG - Good point! That explanation hadn't occurred to me; but, yes, it does make TOTAL sense! :-)

Anonymous said...

You must have stayed in the hotel nearest the Heinecken Brewery. Thus the arrows.

i-chronic said...

Well how helpful! I know a Dutchman, a very kindly soul. I must ask him about these, then go to Amsterdam and spot some more :)

Boris Hiestand said...

The Dutch miss a certain hormone which lubricates the brain and smoothes connections and electric pulses that go through it.

I have blue arrows all over my flat so I know what to do and where to go.