Monday 14 April 2008


Our friend Sophie was having a bit of a clear out the other week, prior to major building work being undertaken on her house.

In the process of the purge, various knick-knacks and gee-gaws that had entered the category of 'clutter' were being tossed into the waiting maw of a Black Rubbish Sack. And among the casualties were three little kittens! True, they were made of wood, but even so... It was just too inhuman to contemplate. So, obviously, I was forced to save them and give them shelter.

So, here they are, sitting on the fence, and inviting you to enter our latest...


Send us your ideas of Which Cat is saying What to Who? Deadline for entries: Friday 18th April.

Usual Terms and conditions apply!


Anonymous said...

Dear Brian

I was so saddened by the death of the last of the 9 old men of Animation, Ollie Johnston which was noted today at aintitcool news where they are running some nice old interview clips.

Best Ian Beck

Brian Sibley said...

IAN - It was sad news, indeed. I had the very real privilege of knowing Ollie (and his friend and colleague and fellow 'Nine Old Man') Frank Thomas for many years - visiting him and interviewing him. He was a lovely gentle genius of the animation world and his passing is truly the end of an era...