Thursday 21 August 2008



We may be on a remote Greek Island, but the spam in still pouring into our e-mail boxes.

The lengths those spamsters will go to to get us to read their e-mails for Viagra or fake Rolexes!

Here are just a few recent subject headings that almost prevented me from hitting the 'Junk' button...

David Beckham seen in LA nightclub
with Kirsten Dunst

Miss America slept with judge

Michael Jordan caught with fraud

Hugh Hefner releases summer orgy pics

Michael J Fox found dead in apartment

Earthquake in California destroys
Schwarzenegger house

And by far the best of the bunch:

Ancient remains of Egyptian mummies
found in Florida


Elton John dies in rocket ship


Anonymous said...

I'd like to introduce you to ... the subject lines used are not as eye-catching as the ones you have listed, but the cartoons made up around them are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You mean mummies also use viagra? Or was it that they wear Rolex?
Amazing really!

Boll Weavil said...

How do you get these exciting stories ? All I get is out of date MSN news ! I could really use some straight up ! I'm not joking...

Anonymous said...

I, unfortunately have replied to all the replica Rolex spam and as a result have far too many cheap watches to fit on my wrists. Fortunately I have also responded to several 'enlarge your penis' spams so I am actually able to wear more watches that previously thought possible.