Friday 15 August 2008


Well, as feared - if not predicted - accessing the internet, collecting mail and approving comments to the blog has proved - how can I put it? - not entirely straightforward.

If your remarks and observations take a little time to find their way into print, be patient: it takes time for the lad in sandles, short skirt and laurel wreath to carry the instructions from Kalymnos to Blogland!

And if I don't reply with the usual courtesy and efficiency that readers have come to expect, it's just because, if push comes to shove, grappling with internet technology doesn't quite compete with sitting on the beach eating watermelon!

1 comment:

SharonM said...

You just focus on the watermelon and the beach, Brian - though I suppose a lad in a short skirt must be quite a distraction! In fact, I'm expecting a photo of him on the Blogsite any day now.