Saturday 3 January 2009


It's still very cold here in Venice: today there was a wind chill of -6 degrees.

In fact, it is so cold that in shady corners of roofs and campii the last vestiges of 1st of January ice and snow is lingering still...

Although my bandage is now off, I'm utterly terrified of getting a chill in the jaw and a repeat of the dislocation-problem; so, I'm now permanently muffled up with hat and scarf and look not unlike the Invisible Man.

So, how do we keep warm...? Well, happily, this dilemma was solved for us by our good friend Sophie who, as part of our Christmas present, gave us these two little gentlemen...

A handy-dandy pair of Mister Men hand-warmers --- what else?

One is Mr FUNNY and the other is Mr GRUMPY.

Sophie wrapped them together - deciding, perhaps, that to predesignate ownership might be unwise! It was, however, all too obvious which was David's Mister and which was Mine!!

No prizes for guessing...

Of course, there are times when we can't use them because they are being borrowed by buttons!

Images: Brian Sibley © 2009


SharonM said...

Surely he's only grumpy because he is blue from the cold - perhaps when warmed up he'll turn into Mr Completely Contented.
By the way, just thought you should know that now that the Christmas cards etc are half price in the shops, the Cream Eggs are out in full force (I haven't had time to check yet if the Valentine's Day cards are in yet).

Brian Sibley said...

Bravo!! :-)