Thursday 1 April 2010


Trust you didn't get taken in by the extraordinary story in today's Guardian - by that well known correspondent, Olaf Priol - about the new poster strategy to be adopted by labour in the forthcoming General Election...

NEW Labour Party Campaign

You can read the full account of this revisionist style of campaigning here in Labour's election strategy: bring on no-nonsense hard man Gordon Brown and these are a few of the other proposed poster designs...

Hard Man

Pension Thief



Mr Brown

If only the next few weeks leading up to May 6th were likely to be as much fun!!

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SharonM said...

Great posters.

I'd completely forgotten that it was April Fool's Day - don't know if they go in for that sort of thing in Gran Canaria.

Geno said...

This was great! Thanks for sharing it so that I could have a laugh about someone else's politics for a change.

Brian Sibley said...

SHARON M - You can be forgiven for missing the date - with everything on your mind right now... How is your Dad?

GENO - Mind you, politics are pretty much the same the world over!

SharonM said...

He's brighter in himself, but they are still giving him intravenous antibiotics three times a day + heparin injections etc.
This morning, the doctor told him that he should be able to fly home on Monday. I assume though, that some special arrangements will have to be made so that he can fly with his leg raised throughout the flight.

Brian Sibley said...

You must absolutely insist on it and you must demand wheelchair facilities are provided at each end of the journey. If possible, I would contact the airline in advance to make sure you don't have hitches on the day.

I do hope it will all go OK and that the Scottish weather will be better by the time you arrive. Try and get a couple of days-worth of sun before you are back to the cold and gloom...