Monday 25 February 2013


Damn! I must have slept right through it!

Curiously, instead of celebrating, I spent most of today 'cleaning up' at the flat we have just vacated; and I'll be spending most of the next few days clearing out cardboard boxes from our current residence!


SharonM said...

I've no doubt that you are richly deserving of an Oscar or an equivalent award, Brian, but is this an unApril Fool's Day jest?

Phil said...

I was expecting a punchline, along the lines of collecting glasses from tables,or sweeping the floor!

Brian Sibley said...

Blast, Sharon, you guessed! ;)

Yeah, right, Phil! Moving home must have robbed me of my usual sparkling wit! :)

Geno said...

Well Done! The joke I mean, although it would be great to see you recognized in some similar fashion.
By the way, know any good April Fool's to play on a pretty conservative pastor?

Brian Sibley said...

The headline is from a personalised e-mail ad from a company I have used called Getting Personal that do some delightful personalised cards and calendars (that can start at any month of your choice) - I particularly recommend the 'Senior Moments' calendar!

I've never tried a clerical AFJ, but you might care to send him the text of the piece on this page from Cleansing Fire about a special service to be held on 'April 31st' that might be thought to highlight the extremes of Catholic ritualism! It was posted in 2010, but if you just take the quoted passage it remains perfect because, of course, there is no April 31!

Arts and Crafts said...

Sorry, I don't understand :(... what "extremes of Catholic ritualism!"?