Tuesday 5 July 2016


For the past 15 years I've been coming to Kalymnos: the first thing I have done on arrival is stop the battery in my watch so as to be able to live solely by my body clock.

Alas, my time in the place where time stands still has come to an end, so I need to let Jiminy restart the process of calibrating my seconds, minutes and hours...

Farewell, Kalymnos!


Anonymous said...

I pray it's a case of "Au revoir!" (RGP)

ike said...

Dang !!! I didn't know you were here :-( I hope you bought Buttons with you again this year :-D Great weather we've been having and I hope you had a fabulous, relaxing time. Shame you have to put that darn watch back on B :-( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx