Tuesday 26 December 2017


As the BBC no longer repeats what was – for many years – a staple item in its Radio 4 Christmas schedule, I feel free to pass on this little Sibley Christmas gift to you all–––

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at Christmas 1977, it stars the incomparable Miss Penelope Keith (with a belated appearance by Mr Timothy Bateson) in...

And Yet Another Partridge in a Pear Tree: 
A Cautionary Tale for Christmas Showing that it is Better to Give than to Receive

(or, as it's called where we are,
"Il giorno di Santo Stefano"
"St Stephen's Day")


Val said...

HaHa It's still Christmas day here and I love listening to this each year and now my children enjoy it too! Thank you

Brian Sibley said...

I'm glad it is still entertaining folk. Happy Christmas, Val! :)

Goblinf said...

I adore this. just shared on my fb again from another source. saw your commenton that one, so now I've found your blog, shall share direct.
it's so bitter sweet....

Suzanne said...

On behalf of all the people round the table at my neighbours' house on Christmas day, I want to thank you Brian for revealing this masterpiece to me a couple of years ago.
None of them had ever heard of it and I made my host look it up on Youtube.
I think it may become a Christmas must amongst the English speaking community here in the Languedoc!
Season's greetings to you all!